What is a Hybrid HVAC System?

During this time of the year, replacing a heating system may seem stupid, with the hot months of summer just around the corner. But if you are looking at a new approach to creating a comfortable temperature in your home all year round, you might want to consider a hybrid HVAC system.

Difference Between a Traditional Combustion Furnace and a Hybrid HVAC System

Everyone knows that electric heat pumps are a great energy (and money) saving option for heating and cooling your home. But heat pumps struggle when the temperatures stay below zero for many days on end in the cold Eastern Massachusetts winters. A hybrid HVAC system (AKA hybrid heating systems) still uses a combustion furnace, but only as part of a system that includes an electric heat pump that works alongside it. Instead of a separate furnace and air conditioning unit that runs separately, these two units run together in a carefully coordinated action.

Part of an installation of a hybrid HVAC system in Marlborough, MA

Benefits of a Hybrid HVAC System

The most significant benefit of a hybrid HVAC system is that it saves energy and reduces your carbon footprint while still maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home or office. The system’s onboard computer selects whether the electric heat pump or the furnace is the best way to heat the house efficiently. For this reason, the electric heat pump will be in operation most of the time with the furnace only kicking in when the temperature sinks to around the freezing mark. In the summer, the heat pump reverses the direction of the airflow, pushing hot air out of your home or office to make it more comfortable.

Another benefit of a hybrid HVAC system is that it will save anywhere between 30 to 50 percent on your energy costs when compared to a traditional heating and cooling system setup.

The Drawback of a Hybrid HVAC System

A hybrid HVAC system costs more than traditional home HVAC systems. For the same reason why hybrid vehicles cost more, a hybrid system must integrate the different power sources to keep the air within your home or office comfortable. One thing to keep in mind is that the higher cost will eventually pay for itself in energy savings.

Thinking About Installing a Hybrid HVAC System?

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