What is a Hybrid Heating System?

A hybrid heating system is an approach to heating and cooling that uses less fossil fuel and is less expensive than traditional dedicated furnaces or air conditioning systems. This setup partners an electric heat pump installation with a traditional fossil fuel furnace which is configured to automatically switch between them based on the weather and outside temperature.

Why Hybrid Heating Systems are Excellent in Massachusetts

A traditional New England winter features many days where the temperature dips well below freezing, the heat pump’s ability to heat your home or office diminishes. This is where an auxiliary fossil fuel furnace can supplement the heat pump and provide the heat and comfort necessary for those sub-zero days in the middle of a New England winter. This way you get the benefits of a heat pump during the milder, warmer days of winter while having the security of a fossil fuel backup for those days when the heat pump simply won’t be able to help keep your home heated. So, what are some of the other benefits of a hybrid heating system?

Installation of a new hybrid HVAC system in Concord, MA

Energy Efficiency

A hybrid heating system blends the energy efficiency of a heat pump with the ability to provide additional heat during those times when it is necessary. This assures both that the heat pump doesn’t work harder to compensate for temperatures that are too cold for them to mitigate by switching over to the furnace when needed. This assures that both the heat pump and the fossil-fuel furnace do not work more than is necessary, and use the least amount of energy necessary to keep your home or office comfortable, even during the coldest days of the year.


A hybrid heating system is the best option for New England homes because it uses the heat pump to serve as an air conditioner during the warmer days of the year, and also maintains a comfortable temperature within the home using through heating or cooling features during the milder temperatures for most of the year. Then, when the cold winter temperatures are too much for the heat pump to handle, the supplementary furnace kicks in to help keep the home comfortable.

Cost Savings

Because you are not running two separate competing systems–forced air central air conditioning and a fossil fuel burning furnace all year around. You can achieve maximum cost savings by efficiencies through both the heat-pump and a fossil-fuel furnace using the same thermostat and ductwork system. This assures that you will always be using the most cost-efficient method for controlling the temperature in your home or office.

Muirfield Mechanical Installs Hybrid HVAC Solutions for Massachusetts

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