Ways to Keep Your Heater Running Smoothly This Winter

We should all inspect and clean our heating units as the seasons change. Fall is a time when we should be preparing our heating unit for the upcoming winter, and winter is a time when we should be prepping it for the coming spring. Some older homes may need to have their heating system repaired or replaced before the cold weather arrives. You must have an expert do this because improperly maintained heating units could cause significant issues like burst pipes or frozen water lines.

Home heating system maintenance and check Sudbury MA

Frequent heating system servicing will help you avoid a complete heating system replacement in Sudbury, Arlington, Concord, and Acton areas. A periodic inspection will let you spot any major problems before they become too severe and expensive to fix. Here are different steps that you should take to keep your heating system safe for use and help it last as long as possible.

1. Clean Your Heating System

Just before the start of each season, you should invest in a complete checkup and complete maintenance. The first step is to have your heating system cleaned regularly. We recommend having your system cleaned at least once a year or once every six months if you have pets in the house.

Cleaning will remove the debris that can build up and decrease the efficiency of your heating system. The smooth running of your heating system will continue when all ducts and returns are clear of dust and debris. Changing the filters in your system will give your allergies some relief and help your HVAC system run more efficiently.

2. Check the System is Working Correctly

The first step in ensuring your system is running correctly is to give the heat a trial run before it is needed. The trial run is an essential step in the process because it helps determine if the system will maintain appropriate temperatures before it’s needed. With your heater running, walk from room to room to make sure you can feel warm air moving through your vents. Ensure that you open any closed vents.

3. Check out the Return

When you are concerned about a lack of warm air moving through your HVAC system, you should check the return for damage. Any damage to the return will cause the air not to be distributed evenly, leading to a lack of warm air. One of the common problems seen with HVAC systems is the forming of a backdraft if cracks and gaps are seen in the space where your return attaches to the ductwork.

There are several options for you to consider if this problem is seen, including caulking and taping the affected area. If you find your return has gaps and cracks, the chances are your visual inspection of the ductwork has missed some problems that need the assistance of a heating expert.

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