Should You Choose a Furnace or Ductless HVAC?

Suppose you are in the middle of choosing between a whole-house furnace or ductless mini-split system or planning a furnace installation in Arlington. In that case, this information will give you an idea of what suits better for your situation, taking into consideration the cost, efficiency, and convenience of heating and cooling.

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Difference Between Furnace and Ductless Mini-split


The most significant difference between a conventional furnace and a mini-split version is their design. Furnaces pump air throughout the home using ductwork in your walls. In a ductless mini-split system, we install a single unit in every room that needs heating or cooling. So, only specific rooms are heated or cooled instead of the air circulating the entire house.


Furnaces take up a lot of space, and hence they are placed in open areas, attics, or basements. On the other hand, we install ductless systems in every room that needs them.


While furnaces heat the entire building, ductless systems are confined to individual rooms and, therefore, lightweight and easy to carry around.


Furnaces circulate air throughout the home and hence use a lot of energy. Ductless systems, by comparison, use much less energy as they only heat or cool one room at a time.


If you already have a duct system in place, installing a furnace is easy. A ductless system doesn’t need ducts but is installed in every room that requires HVAC.


Unless the house needs new ductwork or a new utility line, the furnace is a better choice for upfront costs. However, operating a furnace is more expensive than a ductless system due to more energy consumption and high maintenance. While a furnace can be fitted to a natural gas or electric line, the ductless mini-split runs with electricity.

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