Laboratory Temperature Control Services, Laboratory Temperature Control System Installation & Laboratory Temperature Control Systems

Laboratories are unique from other types of buildings, and not all laboratories share the same requirements. The use of chemicals and other potentially hazardous compounds focus concern on health and safety. Comfort and energy efficiency are of considerable focus. Putting our 60 years of practical experience, training, and expertise at your disposal, Muirfield Mechanical handles renovation, as well as new plan/build, determining optimal design for all facets, including trimming operational costs. We offer timely, affordable, and quality service throughout Westford, and the surrounding Eastern Massachusetts (including the Greater Boston) areas.

Expert Laboratory Temperature Control Systems

Space temperature must remain consistent and comfortable for occupants, while meeting the requirements for chemical processes. Laboratories are typically designed as once-through systems, avoiding recirculation. Conditioning, supplying and exhausting large volumes of air can easily consume excessive energy. Minimizing these costs through meticulous design, without compromising safety or comfort, is our priority. We adhere to all regulations, guidelines, and standards, and achieve your objective quickly and within budget. Contact Muirfield Mechanical at 978-263-7130 to find out how simple it is to complete the design/build or renovation of a laboratory setting anywhere across Westford, Ayer, Sudbury, Marlborough, Hudson, Stow, Groton, Concord, Littleton, Bolton, Acton, Arlington, Lexington, Belmont, Cambridge, Newton, and surrounding cities and areas.