Follow These 5 Heater Maintenance Tips to Make Sure You Stay Safe and Warm

When it comes to keeping your heater working its best, preventative steps can play a crucial role. You rely on your heater through the cold months of the year to keep your property warm and comfortable. At Muirfield Mechanical, we are known as the experts for home heating systems in Sudbury, and we have a list of 5 tips designed to help you keep your heater working its best. This will help to ensure that you stay warm and safe this coming winter!

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1. Keep the Filter Clean and Replace When Needed

One of the most crucial heater maintenance tips that you need to follow is keeping your filter clean. It is also essential to replace it when the time comes. The filter is a crucial part of your overall heating system, and it can be a good idea to replace it as the heating season arrives.

2. All Vents Need to Be Open

Obstructed vents will be a strain on your heating system. For this reason, it is vital to ensure that all of them are open so that air can circulate properly.

3. Vents and Ductwork Must Remain Clean

The vents and ductwork of your heating system must also be kept clean so that the right amount of air can flow through them and your home. When they are allowed to get dirty, issues such as dust, mold, and mildew can accumulate and enter into the rest of your home.

4. Always Put Safety at the Top of the Priorities List

There is a reason for the safety-first saying. If you are going to embark on any heater maintenance, make sure that you are protecting yourself and anyone else who is on the property at the time. This includes taking steps such as turning off your heater. This should occur during all maintenance activities except for an air filter change.

5. Bring in the Muirfield Mechanical for Routine Maintenance Calls

Scheduling regular maintenance with our team here at Muirfield Mechanical is one of the best steps that you can take to ensure that your heater is working at peak capacity.

Muirfield Mechanical Is Your Go-To Heater Service Team

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