Muirfield Mechanical is an Energy Star Installation company. As a certified and approved Cool Smart Premier Contractor, we are/can:

  • Authorized and qualified to provide you the MAXIMUM number of rebates and tax credits available to you.
  • Perform digital tune-ups on existing systems to establish the upmost efficiency on your existing cooling system.
  • Execute duct testing and duct sealing that can reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
  • Achieve ESQI certified energy-efficient HVAC installations which are approved and recorded, then a certificate is presented to the customer showing they have the upmost in energy efficiency operation.

Clean Energy Center HVAC System InstallationOne of the biggest things that you’ll find when your HVAC is not running properly is that your electric bill can increase quickly! Heating and cooling your home is the major portion of your utility bill each month. If your HVAC system is just not working well, it may need a lot more power to run. A trained and certified HVAC service technician will be able to verify that your system is working smoothly and alert you to repairs that might be needed.