Are Mini Splits Cheaper to Run?

Mini Splits Air Conditioner in Acton

When it comes to cooling your Massachusetts home, many considerations are to make. Among the most important is determining which system is right for you. If saving energy and money is a priority for your household, a mini-split system is worth the cost. The United States Department of Energy reports that this type of set-up with a zoning system offers up to 30 percent savings on your home’s monthly energy bill.

What is a Mini-Split System?

A ductless heating and cooling system are known as a mini-split system. It prevents hot and cool air from escaping and allows you to heat and cool your home more efficiently. Systems with ducts are often installed incorrectly or wear out over time. That means the likelihood of the heated and cooled air being absorbed by wall cavities increases. Knowing what to look for in a mini-split system ensures that you get the best manufacturer and model available in your price range.

Why are They Less Expensive to Run Than Other Heating and Cooling Systems?

Not every mini-split system comes with an Energy Star rating. Decide on which system you choose for your home. An Energy Star rated system offers you more efficiency, leading to lower home energy costs. It’s something to think about because the system successfully heats and cools the home equally.

Here are some of the reasons why mini-splits are less expensive:

They’re duct-free. A mini-split system such as Mitsubishi mini-split in Acton requires less labor and clean-up. You don’t worry about the mess a contractor makes because there is little to deal with when you choose this option for heating and cooling your home.

They work in multiple zones. If you prefer to have different temperatures throughout the home, you can set up zones. There is the ability to use up to eight air handlers indoors that connect to one outdoor unit. Rooms that you use less don’t need to be as warm as those you spend a significant amount of time in daily.

They transfer heat. You don’t generate and distribute heat like a system with ducts does. Instead, the heat of the mini-split transfer adds to the home’s energy efficiency.

Now that you know what makes a mini-split system affordable let’s go over some of the many benefits of having it in your home. That way, you can take advantage of the savings you’ll receive. It’s an option that makes sense for many homeowners economically.

The Benefits of Having Ductless Mini-Split Systems Set Up in Your Home

Some things that make mini-split systems beneficial include their ability to be used with other HVAC systems. You can easily use the central air conditioner or furnace that you already have alone with mini-splits to maintain the highest levels of comfort year-round. You’ll drive down home energy costs while qualifying for money-saving rebates and other discounts. You’ll also breathe easier knowing that the quality of the air inside the home is optimal for everyone living in and visiting it.

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