9 Ways to Cut Your Winter Energy Costs

Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here! And so are high winter heating costs. Here are a few tips on ways you can reduce your energy consumption during the winter which, of course, saves you money.

1 – Install a New Furnace or Heat Pump

If your furnace or heat pump is over 15 years old, it is nearing the end of its lifecycle, and today’s units are more efficient and thus saves more energy and more money as a result.

2 – Buy a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats, especially smart thermostats, are game-changers when it comes to saving money on heating costs. Anyone can lower the thermostat at night, but what if you forget and the heat runs all night when no one benefits from it. A programable thermostat can be configured to lower the thermostat at night or when people are not in the building. Some thermostats allow you to control them from an app on your phone.


New smart thermostat for home heating systems in Belmont, MA


3 – Close the Vents and Doors of Unoccupied Rooms

Unused rooms can waste a lot of heat and therefore increases heating costs. Closing the vents and shutting the doors for spare bedrooms or formal dining rooms can ensure that the heat generated by your furnace or heat pump goes to where it is needed most.

4 – Use Heat from the Sun

Open your curtains or shades on sunny days to allow the sun to help warm your home or office. But be sure to close them at night or in extremely cold weather to reduce heat loss.

5 – Turn Down Your Water Heater Temperature

Water heaters are a massive drain of energy. Turning down the thermostat on the water heater a few degrees can result in considerable energy and, thus, cost savings.

6 – Replace Old Lights with New LED Lights

Old lights, especially older Christmas lights, are not as energy-efficient as the new LED lights. Replace all older light bulbs and Christmas lights with new LED lights. LED lights are brighter and use a fraction of the energy that older lights use.

7 – Seal Around Doors and Windows to Reduce Drafts

Drafts are another big cause of heat loss during the winter. Make sure that you test all of your doors and windows for drafts and replace any damaged weatherstripping or seals. For windows, consider sealing them with windows insulation kits.

8 – Reverse Your Ceiling Fan’s Rotation

During the summer, fans rotate counter-clockwise to push air down and cool the room. Many ceiling fans have a reverse switch that you can flip, so they rotate clockwise, which produces an updraft that pushes the rising warm air back down to where you are.

9 – Maintain Your Furnace or Heat Pump Each Year

Follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines to maintain your furnace or heat pump and change your furnace filter once a month. It is also a great idea to get an annual inspection of your furnace or heat pump to ensure everything is running right and the unit is safe.

Need Help Reducing Your Winter Energy Costs?

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