Hidden Costs of Furnace & AC Repair to Avoid Replacement

If it ain’t broke, why fix it? This is a common saying you hear when someone is trying to talk themselves out of making an expensive furnace replacement purchase now instead of waiting for some other day in the future. But there are some additional costs of maintaining an old or outdated furnace or heating system that you might not be aware of.

New heating system replacement in Westford, MA

1 – Repair Costs

When a furnace breaks down, it usually happened at an inconvenient time, such as during a frigid winter night or over the weekend, when the availability of an emergency furnace repair costs more money. As furnaces age, the parts and labor costs for replacement rise as well. The cost for several critical parts can be prohibitively expensive. According to TopTeny.com, here are some of the average prices of common heating system replacement parts:

  • Blower motors ($450)
  • Thermostats ($108 to $282)
  • Furnace Motors ($400 to $1500)
  • Inducer Fan Motors ($375 to $575)
  • Control Boards ($360 to $575)

2 – Poor Efficiency

Higher efficiency furnaces mean that more of the energy expended is turned directly into heat, meaning that you are saving money by burning less fuel. In furnaces built 10 to 15 years ago, an 80% efficiency rating was good. Now, there are affordable furnaces out there with efficiency ratings of up to 95%.

Another issue that impacts the furnace’s functionality is the amount of energy (typically electricity) needed to power the heating system’s mechanical parts such as the motor, fan, and blower. Newer furnaces use parts with a higher mechanical efficiency, which saves electricity.

3 – Higher Heating Bills

Over time a heating system’s efficiency deteriorates, making it work harder to produce the temperature and comfort level that you are used to. This may be because the furnace needs to burn longer to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature or kicks on and off more often, which also burns more fuel costing you more money.

4 – Reduced Home Value

The presence of an old furnace, especially if your home is on the real estate market, can lower your home’s resale value.

5 – Peace of Mind

If your furnace is unreliable and you worry whether it will make it through another season without expensive furnace repairs or if you can afford the higher energy bills due to an inefficient furnace. It may be worth replacing your furnace now before it fails creating an emergency in the middle of a cold snap.

Why Should You Replace Your Heating System Now?

If you have seen some of the signs that your furnace needs to be replaced soon, it is always better to make this purchase before it is required instead of waiting until it fails altogether. Plus, with the Mass Save program offering rebates up to $2750 for replacing old, inefficient heating systems with new high-efficiency furnaces and electric heat pumps, now is a great time to upgrade.

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