5 Benefits of Installing a New Heat Pump Today

The heat of summer is still in the air, but the cold winds of winter are coming. The best way to manage your indoor climate-control for both seasons is with a new heat pump installation. But why should you buy and install one now? Here are a few reasons:

1 – Lower Running Costs

The higher energy efficiency of electric heat pumps results in less energy consumption which equals less money spent on energy bills. Electric heat pumps are three times more efficient than electric resistance heating options such as electric baseboard heating. If you are using fossil fuel sources, your savings fluctuate based on the markets for heating oil, natural gas, propane, etc. The cost of an electric pump will remain consistent when compared to fossil-fueled heating systems.

A new heat pump installation in Concord, MA

2 – Durability

The average life-span for an electric pump is typically somewhere between 15 to 20 years, but some heat pumps have lasted up to 50 years. Heat pumps require a lot less regular maintenance when compared to a combustion heating system.

3 – Require Less Maintenance

Besides exchanging air filters and keeping the area around the heat pump clear of snow, ice, and other debris (including trimming back any bushes or plants closer than 18 inches away from the pump), the pump’s other maintenance consists of the occasional cleaning and de-greasing of the outdoor coils, and not much else.

4 –Combined HVAC Systems Heating and Cooling

Another important factor to consider before selecting a new AC or heating system for your home is if you’d like to buy a combined HVAC system, such as an electric heat pump.

These serve both as a heating and cooling system. There are many benefits to doing this, especially if your furnace is also old or ready for replacement. It can use the same ductwork and can be less expensive than replacing your heating and cooling systems separately.

5 – Availability of Rebates and Free Financing

Currently, the State of Massachusetts is offering rebates up to $2750 if you upgrade your current air conditioning system to a new energy-efficient hybrid HVAC system such as a Mitsubishi heat pump. The older your system, the higher the rebate. When you combine the money you save due to using less energy with the new system with the Mass Save Rebate, purchasing a new HVAC system is an affordable option right now.

Still need some financial help to make a new HVAC installation a reality? The Home MVP Program is a program offered by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MassDOER) that provides 0% interest financing for as long as 7 years for residents who make energy-saving improvements to their homes.

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