5 Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump Over a Traditional Heating System

There are advantages and disadvantages to installing a heat pump at your home or business. Here are a few of those advantages that heat pumps have over traditional heating systems.

1 – Heat Pumps Heat AND Cool Your Home or Business

Heat pumps are a two-for-one deal. You get a heating system and a cooling system within the same unit. By providing air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, a heat pump replaces the need for both systems.

2 – Furnaces Typically Cost More

Furnaces require a lot more energy than a heat pump. Furnaces use fuel, and a lot of it, to heat air and circulate it through your home or office. In the winter, heat pumps don’t actually generate heat; they transfer it by drawing heat from the outdoors and releasing it indoors, and vice versa in the summer.

New heat pump installation in Concord, MA

3 – Heat Pumps Are Less Expensive to Install

Buying a high-efficiency gas or electric furnace can be very expensive. Unless you are thinking about purchasing a geothermal heat pump, standard electric heat pumps cost less to install on average. Not to mention that by buying a heat pump, you are getting both a heating system and a cooling system and thus do not have the cost of installing two separate systems.

4 – Heat Pumps Take Up Less Space

Furnaces are installed most of the time indoors, and they require a lot of clearance around it because it uses combustible fuel. The bulk of a heat pump is installed outdoors, just like an air conditioner, and requires less clearance there (just enough to promote good airflow), and the indoor part of the heat pump does not use flammable fuel at all; it takes up a lot less space than a furnace.

5 – Heat Pumps Use Less Energy

Traditional furnaces require a lot of energy to warm your home or office. Whether the furnace is a natural gas furnace or an electric furnace, both need a lot of fuel to heat the air and circulate it. Because heat pumps heat and cool by a flow of refrigerant in the coils within the pump, it doesn’t burn fuel and uses far less energy than a furnace. This makes the use of heat pumps better for the environment as well.

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