5 Advantages of Installing a Heat Pump Over a Traditional Air Conditioning System

At the heart of it, a heat pump and a central air conditioning system operate the same. Both systems use refrigerants, coils, fans, and a compressor to pull heat and moisture from the inside and release it outside. But heat pumps have several advantages over traditional central air conditioning systems.


Mitsubishi heat pump installation as air conditioning replacement


1 – One System Provides Both Heating and Cooling

A heat pump is one unit that coordinates both heating and cooling functions within your home or office. Using separate heating and cooling systems always creates some problems. Perhaps the configuration of the two systems using the same ducting leads to inefficiencies, cluttered workspaces, or impaired functionality of one or both systems. Because a heat pump uses the same configuration and infrastructure for both heating and cooling, the unit works seamlessly without issue. A simple flip of the valve changes the direction of the refrigerant and transforms the heat pump from a cooling system to a heating system.

2 – Superior Energy Efficiency

Because heat pumps manage air temperature by simply removing hot air to create cool air and vice versa, they use a lot less energy than units that need to burn energy (such as natural gas or fuel oil) in order to first heat or cool the air and then circulate it. This improved energy efficiency leads to one major benefit: huge savings on energy bills. This alone can justify the expense of installing a new heat pump.

3 – Excellent Summer Humidity Management

A heat pump manages humid summer air just as well as a central air conditioning unit. Since both use the same technique, cooling the air by dehumidifying it, they both handle this function very well, and in many situations, a heat pump does it better.

4 – Lower Initial Cost for Installation

When you look at the upfront cost of installing a heat pump, it can be very intimidating, but consider this: a heat pump combines your heating and cooling equipment into a single unit using the same infrastructure. When you compare this to the cost of installing two separate systems, a furnace and a central air conditioning system, a heat pump installation is far more economical. Not to mention that you save physical space by using one unit to do the work of two.

5 – Rebates and Free 0% Interest Financing is Available for New Heat Pump Installs

One of the biggest advantages of installing an energy-efficient heat pump right now is the rebates available for those who replace older heating and cooling systems with heat pumps. The MASS Save Rebate program can save you up to $2750 on your installation costs. Other rebates may also be available as well.

Another benefit is the 0% interest loan for up to seven years from the Home MVP Program. This loan, offered through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (MassDOER), helps finance home improvements which improve the overall energy efficiency.

Not Sure if a Heat Pump Is Right for You?

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