4 Ways a Heat Pump Saves You Money All-Year-Round

You’ve probably heard that heat pumps, especially ductless heat pumps, saves more money than both forced air furnaces and air conditioning units.

1 – Heat Pumps Replace Furnaces and Air Conditioning Units

When you install a heat pump, one unit provides heating and cooling for your home. This means that you don’t have to maintain two separate units to keep your home comfortable all-year-round. You save on routine maintenance and repair costs.

When installing a heat pump, you only need to replace one system instead of two when they come to the end of their lifecycle.

Technician finishing a new heat pump installation in Belmont, MA

2 – Heat Pumps Use Less Energy

Both air conditioners and furnaces use a lot of energy to keep your home or office comfortable. Heat pumps do not burn natural gas or fuel oil so it uses far less energy than a furnace. This means that you save on energy costs–especially in colder weather.

Another way heat pumps can save is by installing ductless mini splits in different zones within your home or business. This way, you can turn off or adjust areas where you do not need to be.

3 – Use a Programmable Thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat in conjunction with a heat pump can result in considerable energy savings. Set the thermostat 6 to 8 lower at night during the winter to help improve your heat pump’s efficiency even more.

4 – Avoid Using the Emergency Heat Setting During the Winter

Some people think that flipping this switch is essential when it gets frigid outside. It is not necessary. The emergency heat setting is designed for true emergencies when the heat pump isn’t working, and you don’t have a supplemental heat source. Otherwise, you end up doubling or even tripling your energy costs

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