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Muirfield Mechanical

Services, LLC

60 Willow Road, Ayer MA 01432
HVAC – Heating and Air Conditioning Specialists
Tel: (978) 263-7130 Fax: (978) 796-5352


Muirfield Mechanical offers a full range of Maintenance service contracts preformed by our skilled team of service technicians.

Don’t Let an small issue turn into a big Problem! Scheduling a yearly /seasonal system tune-up is worth the investment.

Regular preventative maintenance of your HVAC system will:
  • Improve system performance.
  • Increases system efficiency.
  • Reduces utility costs due to increased system efficiency.
  • Prolongs system life.
  • Identifies potential system problems, reducing costly repairs.
  • Keeps most manufactures warranties valid
We at Muirfield Mechanical are “Product independent” and Service Driven, we are dedicated to providing you excellent service and value, reducing your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system’s operating costs and improving your energy efficiency through proper HVAC maintenance.

Through our Proactive Maintenance Programs, we help you identify and avoid problems. With quality maintenance, we can track efficiency, replace damaged equipment, and determine when systems can no longer meet usage requirements and need retrofitting.

Establishing the best HVAC Maintenance Plan for you. Before defining the appropriate HVAC maintenance program for your home, we suggest a thorough heating, ventilation and air conditioning system analysis. our team can Benchmark your system and determine the most cost-effective and appropriate Heating and Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance Plan for your HVAC system.

We can provide you with information so you can make an informed decision on the best solution for your home comfort needs. Our HVAC service plans range from basic maintenance to plans that provide for comprehensive preventive maintenance.

Use this form if you would like Muirfield Mechanical to provide you with information regarding maintenance contracts – Thank you!

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